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Note: Remember, as you are trying these activities, you know your child best. Feel free to adapt the activities to best meet the needs, abilities and interests of your child. All children reach developmental milestones and develop different skills on their own timeline. All children are unique. If your child seems as though they haven’t reached one or more of these milestones, rest assured, he or she probably will soon. Your child’s rate of development is normal for your child. If you have concerns about your child’s development, don’t hesitate to ask your child’s doctor.

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Each lesson comes with a quick reference "Key Points" document that you can download and save or print for future reference. Each lesson also has various activities for you to try at home with your children.

Below is a brief description about each lesson to help guide you in choosing the lessons you would like to see.

Making A Connection!

This lesson stresses the importance of positive relationships between parents and their children. It gives practical tips to enhance the relationship you already have with your children and how to deepen your relationship so that you can avoid challenging behaviors.

Making It Happen!

This lesson guides will show you how "play" can be a positive parenting practice and will share ideas that you can use to help your child build friendship skills.

Why Do Children Do What They Do?

This lesson answers the biggest question parents ask, "Why do children do what they do?" Through this lesson, parents gain important knowledge on the meaning behind challenging behaviors and how children use challenging behaviors to get what they want.

Teach Me What To Do!

This lesson is an excellent follow up to "Why Do Children Do What They Do?" It gives practical strategies to use with your children when they are choosing challenging behaviors as a way to communicate their wants or needs.

Facing The Challenge

This lesson is designed to help parents put strategies in place that can be used in every day situations. These strategies are to help guide children's behavior in a positive direction or to help teach them new behaviors.


Positive Solutions for Families - Workbook

Although all of the material that you will need in each lesson is included inside the lesson. Here is a copy of the entire workbook that goes along with ALL the lessons on this page. It is directly from the CSEFEL website and it is printable.